© 2018 Kariss Young

From giving birth to an endless repertoire of props to penetrating the virile nature of slapstick, Kariss Young’s work frolics with the fluidity of gesticulation, failure and the hazards and perceptions of the social body. By intercepting normative processes of desire, objectification and idealisation with a whip to hand, Young reconnoiters the poetic as bathetic, the performer as director and the domestic as dominatrix, where the stage is jarred for the audience to rouse in a cocktail of cabaret, slapstick, and nods to the Theatre of the Absurd.


Kariss Resides in South East London


Goldsmiths University 

BA(Hons)Fine Art(2015-2018)

Bristol School of Art
Foundation Diploma in Art & Design (2013-2014)